Jan 14, 2022 7:30 AM
Samir Karabashev, Exchange Student from Kyrgyzstan
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Samir Karabashev

Samir is from Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. He is 16 and is here for the school year on a Flex Scholarship through ASSE. He enjoys basketball and plays on a Parks and Rec league in Bend. He is also a skier and ski raced in his home country. He plans to ski at Mt Bachelor as much as he can this winter. He really enjoys fishing and has already been able to fish several rivers here in Oregon as well as do a day float on the Deschutes.

Samir has a younger brother who is 14 and a sister who is 4. His parents both work in tourism in Karakol – running a hotel and giving tours. His dream has been to come to America and he looks forward to traveling to other countries in the future. This year he is a junior at Bend High and lives with a host family in Bend. He has two host brothers – one is a sophomore at Bend with him and the other is a sophomore at WSU. He is truly enjoying the experience of being an American teenager and can’t wait to share his country with you today.

He created a google slide show, talks about his country and plays a song or two on his komuz – the national instrument of Kyrgystan.